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CD's (Music)



Embrace the healing power of music with 21 beloved hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. Included are settings of all seven of Mary Baker Eddy's hymns, with other favorites like "From Sense to Soul," "In Heavenly Love Abiding," and "O Dreamer, Leave Thy Dreams for Joyful Waking." Seven singers perform with either piano or organ accompaniment from the organ of The Mother Church. Includes a 20-page booklet with track listing, the words of all the hymns, information about the musicians, alphabetical listing of hymns, and complete attribution and copyright notices.

Featured Musicians: Bryan Ashley, William Burden, Teddy Crecelius, Gwen Eagleton, Desiree Goyette, Stephen Loher, Rebecca Minor, Gregory Rahming, Ryan Vigil, and Julia Wade.

1. Brood O'er Us (hymn 30)
2. Abide With Me (hymn 7)
3. From Sense to Soul (hymn 64)
4. O'er Waiting Harpstrings (hymn 253)
5. O Dreamer, Leave Thy Dreams (hymn 412)
6. Like as a Mother (hymn 174)
7. It Matters Not (hymn 160)
8. I Am the Lord (hymn 499)
9. Behold, They Stand in Robes of White (hymn 19)
10. O Gentle Presence (hymn 208)
11. In Atmosphere of Love Divine (hymn 144)
12. From These Thy Children (hymn 66)
13. Blest Christmas Morn (hymn 23)
14. In Heavenly Love Abiding (hymn 148)
15. Through the Love of God our Saviour (hymn 350)
16. Saw Ye My Saviour? (hymn 298)
17. I Love Thy Way of Freedom, Lord (hymn 136)
18. God of Creation (hymn 485)
19. Shepherd, Show Me (hymn 304)
20. O May We be Still and Seek Him (hymn 237)
21. Pilgrim on Earth (hymn 278)

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 74 minutes
Number of CDs: 1

Listen - CD


Composer, pianist, and singer Andrew Brewis performs original settings of spiritual poems including many from the Christian Science Hymnal. Brewis is well known from his work with the Newsong Group, and composed several hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal: Hymns 430-603.

1. "'Feed My Sheep'"
2. Father, We Thy Loving Children
3. O Lord, I Would Delight in Thee
4. From Sense to Soul
5. "'Feed My Sheep'" (piano solo)
6. Not What I Am
7. As Sings the Mountain Stream
8. From Sense to Soul (piano solo)
9. The King of Love
10. "Christ My Refuge"
11. Psalm 23 / My Shepherd
12. "Love"
13. The Lord's Prayer
14. "Three L's for Life"
15. Behold What Manner of Love
16. Behold What Manner of Love (piano solo)

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 51 minutes
Number of CDs: 1

Hymns for Prayer and Reflection - CD

Hymns for Prayer and Reflection

Beautifully played piano arrangements from the Christian Science Hymnal by Margaret Dorn, and produced by Peter Link.

1. "Mother's Evening Prayer"
2. Everlasting Arms Of Love
3. "'Feed My Sheep'"
4. He Stood Of Old
5. "Satisfied"
6. Holy Spirit
7. Trust The Eternal
8. "Christ My Refuge"
9. Grace
10. Like As A Mother/O Master
11. Love
12. In Heavenly Love Abiding
13. "Communion Hymn"
14. I Look To Thee
15. Dear Lord And Father

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 45 minutes
Number of CDs: 1

Glorious CD


Bryan Ashley plays the Aeolian Skinner organ of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Fifteen pieces from the Baroque, Romantic, and Modern eras, with composers from England, France, Germany, and the United States showcase the innumerable tonal possibilities of this Aeolian Skinner organ — one of the world's largest.

1. Prelude, Fugue, Et Variation
2. Tierce En Taille-Elevation
3. Carillon De Westminster
4. Prelude On "Land Of Rest"
5. Chorale Prelude: "Mach's Mit Mir, Gott, Nach Deiner Gut"
6. Meditation
7. Fugue in E-flat Major
8. Prelude On "Rhosymedre"
9. Meditation
10. Chorale Prelude: "Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland"
11. Grand Chaur Dialogue
12. Meditation
13. Slow Air for Organ No. 1
14. Andante Tranquillo - from Sonata III
15. Fugue - from Chorale Fantasia on "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme"

Language: English
Format: CD

CD's (Spoken Word)

Prayer and its Healing Effect on the Body


Possession - Audiobook (CD)

Adam H. Dickey's much-loved article, first published in 1917, contains a wealth of spiritual insights useful in seeing health, body, identity, parenting, and business in a spiritual way.

"Possession" - Adam H. Dickey
Testimony of Healing

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 42 min.
Number of CDs: 1

Bible Lesson

The Christ - Audiobook (CD)

Learn through articles and accounts of healing how a true understanding of the life and works of Christ Jesus reveals your true spiritual identity.

"The Activity of the Christ" - L. Ivimy Gwalter
"The Consistency that is in Christ" - John M. Tutt
"The Christ Science" - Julia M. Johnston
"The Office of the Christ" - Florence C. Southwell
Testimonies of Healing d.

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 73 min.
Number of CDs: 1

Prayer and its Healing Effect on the Body CD


Is healing something that only happened in Jesus' time? How can we find health and peace in our bodies, our families, and our relationships? These articles and accounts of healing show how all of us can heal.

"Trust Me, Prayer Works!" - Kindahl Jackson
"You Don't Have to Understand Everything Before You're Healed" - Nathan Talbot
"True Identity: A Conversation with Victor Westberg" - Jeffrey Hildner
"More Effective Healing" - Charles Ferris
Testimonies of Healing

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 71 min.
Number of CDs: 1

God’s Law of Adjustment CD

God's Law of Adjustment - Audiobook (CD)

Adam H. Dickey's beloved article, "God's Law of Adjustment," addresses God's care for us in all aspects of our lives. Originally published in a 1916 issue of The Christian Science Journal, this article helps those seeking the harmonious resolution of any difficult situation. Includes an account of healing and protection.

"God's Law of Adjustment" - Adam H. Dickey
Testimony of Healing

Language: English
Format: CD
Duration: 33 min.
Number of CDs: 1

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